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At APK Hungry, we have strong enthusiasm for delivering the latest and most exceptional Android applications to our users. We understand that in today’s rapid-paced world, individuals are always searching for the most recent and inventive applications to enrich their daily lives, and that’s where we step in!

Our experienced team of developers and application enthusiasts thoroughly search the internet for the best applications available, and we present them to you on one user-friendly platform. Whether you’re looking for productivity applications to manage your tasks, gaming applications to pass the time, or social media applications to stay connected with your loved ones, we’ve got everything you need.

We take pride in our dedication to quality and user experience. Every application that we showcase on our platform goes through a strict review process to ensure that it meets our high standards. We also value user feedback, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions for improving our platform or if there’s an app you’d like to see on it.

Thank you for selecting APK Hungry as your preferred destination for all things Android. We hope you appreciate our platform as much as we do!


apkhungry.com was launched in 2023 to facilitate android lovers with their favourite mod versions of apps and games. It is a hub of Apps and Games which was created for the sole purpose; to provide users with all the things related to android applications.


Our main aim is to provide you with the following resources:


You’ll be provided with all the premium versions of all the applications available on the internet for free.


You’ll be provided with all the premium versions of all the games available on the internet for free.

About Us Mohammad Rehan APK Hungry

Mohammad Rehan

CEO at apkhungry.com

Mohammad Rehan is a professional in SEO consulting, blogging, and developing WordPress. He owns apkhungry.com, a website that offers modified versions of games and apps for free to enable people to enjoy premium features without payment.

He thinks that games and apps should have unrestricted features since they help in mental growth and stimulate the mind. Therefore, everyone should have access to all game and app features with no limitations.